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Speaker Barry Smith on Why He Does This Work

Posted Jan 24th, 2016

Speaker Barry Smith on Why He Does This Work

I can't wait to get the Huronia Speakers Bureau going at full speed!

I have a long history of speaking in public about institutions and how they can hurt people, like many who lived at places like Huronia.

I like speaking with people. Especially people who know how to listen. I am interested in telling stories about what happened at Orillia in a way that does not hurt anybody's feelings.

Many times in the past people who lived at the Orillia school had stories told about them in a way that tried to hurt our feelings. These stories tried to make us look like less than people. This is very wrong. I can't stress that enough.

We can only have a future if it is a future where people listen to and understand each other.

From speaking to all kinds of people about Orillia I have become a better listener too.

I want to tell people about what everyday life was like there: how much we had to work some days, how we got a kick in the pants if we disobeyed orders. I want to tell people about how I spent as much time as I could protecting the smaller children from what  might happen there. I want to explain what it was like to have to work cleaning the morgue.

I like speaking to large groups of people if they are willing to listen, it makes me feel really alive. I know everyone in the Speakers Bureau feels the same way.

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