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Meet Our Speakers

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Each of our speakers has a unique, moving and impactful story about their experience of living at the Huronia Regional Centre.

Speakers can work together in any of our presentation formats, addressing a range of topics. To read about each of our speakers, please click on the bio links below their photos.

Harold Dougall, Huronia Speakers Bureau

Harold Dougall  » Read

Barry Smith, Huronia Speakers Bureau

Barry Smith » Read

Carrie Ann Ford, Huronia Speakers Bureau

Carrie Anne Ford » Read

Cindy Scott, Huronia Speakers Bureau

Cindy Scott » Read

Patricia Seth, Huronia Speakers Bureau

Patricia Seth » Read

Marie Slark, Huronia Speakers Bureau

Marie Slark » Read

David Houston, Huronia Speakers Bureau

David Houston » Read

*Speakers Portrait Photography by Alex Tigchelaar

Understanding comes from hearing our speakers share their truths.

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